Ethnography is both the method and product of cultural anthropologists’ work. It is heavily based on participant-observation (to get an insider’s perspective), interviews, and contextual research. Its aim is to get at the intricacies and nuances of the cultures of different groups and populations, and in turn to understand them in the context of global cultural patterns and flows.

Businesses have culture, too. And those cultures drive how members of the organization interact, how and what work gets done, and how it is perceived in its communities (and the world). Ethnographic consulting uncovers the implicit cultural practices of a company and helps the firm to best guide it: towards strategic ends, workplace satisfaction and employee buy-in, design, innovation, reputation, and more.

Anthropologists are trained to carefully observe, listen, and process lots of information quickly and thoroughly. As such, ethnographic consultants can also help with documentation and synthesis of company retreats, strategy sessions, meetings and other events.

As a Partner at Percipient Partners, I fuse the social science training of anthropology with strong business acumen to help you achieve your goals. Ethnographic consulting fully embraces the power of culture in your organization in ways that traditional management consulting approaches do not.



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