Research Interests

Keywords: coworking, organizational culture, history of work, social media, wide-teams, social movements, online communities

I began my adventure into anthropology as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) as a Management-Entrepreneurship major in the Mendoza College of Business.  As a social science requirement, I took Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 109) with Professor James McKenna.  I fell in love–not only with Dr. McKenna, who is probably the nicest man alive–but with the field of anthropology and the department at Notre Dame. A minor steam-rolled into a second major which morphed into a second degree and, by spring of 2009, I was graduating with both my BA and BBA and graduate school-bound.

It was a last minute decision whether to go the business (job) route or to pursue a PhD. in Anthropology.  I realized in my final undergraduate summer, that what I loved most about my internship at ExactTarget in Indianapolis that I actually enjoyed was the participant-observation and analysis involved in my HR project. Under the encouragement and guidance of my advisors Vania Smith-Oka and Rahul Oka, I picked programs to apply to and was ultimately admitted to the University of Pennsylvania.


I arrived at graduate school knowing I wanted to blend both of my distinct undergraduate backgrounds and interests.  At first I dabbled in the formation and codification of organizational culture in small start-up firms. I then moved on to professional networking organizations in Philadelphia geared towards young professionals, which is where I was introduced to the concept of coworking–and more specifically, Independents Hall.

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