Culture Drives Growth,

but it’s hard to get right. 

I have big business experience and a network to match–with the personality of a startup. Let me help you find alignment on your teams and in your company.

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As a business anthropologist, all of my work is aimed at learning your team’s cultural nuances and helping you shape it to fuel smart, strong growth. All of my engagements begin with interviews so I can customize my approach to your needs.

 Leadership Off-Sites

Sometimes, the top team can feel too busy with getting things done to take the time to consider how the work is getting done. However, successful growth comes from an effective team and high-functioning culture. Taking a day to step away and re-align can have real impact on your ability to execute on your goals.


A strong culture is the result of creating a shared habits that support your team’s goals. A context-driven workshop is an opportunity to build those habits together through facilitated discussions and activities that I build around your company’s unique needs and most pressing issues.


Certain problems need a little more attention than a few days can tackle. I am available to dive deep into whatever culture and teamwork issues you’re facing on a project or retainer basis.

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